Whatever the reason for the higher rate on your auto loan, you certainly don’t have to keep paying it for the whole term.

There are two reasons to consider re-financing:

First, if you recently got the loan, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion to be certain that there is not a better available rate. Refinancing can be a one-stop shop, but, you want to make sure you are getting consistent answers across the board before you commit to your payments each term.

And second, if you have been paying that higher rate for a while and your credit has improved—you definitely want to lower the rate. Your credit score has a major impact on how much interest you are expected to pay on your car loan, amongst other things.

Even if you are comfortable with your current payment there is no reason to keep sending the bank all of that extra interest every month—the savings can easily be thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan.

Flatiron Finance is here to help you maximize your finances, and get the loan rates that you deserve. We are a company who will help you to look at your entire financial portfolio, and come up with the decisions that will benefit you the most in the long term and immediately.

Refinancing is as easy as completing a Colorado auto refinance application  online, reviewing your options, and then signing your new loan online.

So when you are looking to find auto refinance Colorado, Flatiron Finance is here.  

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