Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Offered as a supplement to your regular auto insurance.

It is not uncommon for a vehicle to depreciate faster than the loan balance pays down. This results in a negative equity or “upside down” position in your loan. This is particularly true if your original loan was written at a higher interest rate with more of your payment applied to interest than paying down the loan balance. Your financial exposure in the event of a total loss can be significant.

If you choose to refinance your auto loan in Loveland, Denver, or the rest of Colorado, you might also consider Guaranteed Asset Protection. GAP insurance Colorado makes up the difference between what your insurance company agrees to pay, and what you actually owe on your loan, effectively bridging that “GAP”. Colorado GAP Insurance even covers your deductible up to one thousand dollars.

Loan Balance $22,000
Insurance settlement $18,400
The “GAP” $3,600
Plus Deductible $500
Expense without GAP $4,100
Expense with GAP $0
GAP Chart

You have worked hard for your credit rating. At Flatiron Finance, our goal is to help you save money and protect you and your credit from potential threats by getting a Colorado auto refinance loan. With GAP you are protected when the unexpected happens.

Be sure to ask your loan specialist for details.

The sooner you start, the sooner you save. And with a Flatiron Finance auto refinance loan, you will already be on your way to big savings.