Extended Parts and Labor Agreement (EPLA)

Offered as a supplement to your original vehicle warranty.

You’ve worked hard to build your credit. Unexpected expenses such as auto repairs are a sure way to ruin even the best planned budget. A quality Extended Parts and Labor Agreement—also known as a car extended warranty—is available to our customers in Loveland, Denver, and the rest of Colorado. This car service warranty may be the best budget protection that we can recommend, and will be the best Colorado car service warranty you will find. It clearly outlines what is covered. It pays for parts and labor. It is transferable. And it’s cancelable when and if your vehicle needs change.


EPLA Chart

The manufacturer understands very well that the longer you own the vehicle, and the more miles you drive, the more likely you are to need repair. It is precisely why factory bumper to bumper coverage rarely extends beyond 36 months or 36,000 miles.The manufacturer takes responsibility when the vehicle is new and relatively problem-free, and shifts that responsibility to the consumer as both the probability of failure and the cost per repair increase.

That’s where the extended and used car service warranty in Loveland, Denver, and the rest of your Colorado auto refinance loan comes in.

With the complexity of today’s vehicles and labor rates being over $100 per hour in most shops, for most of our customers in Loveland, Denver, and the rest of Colorado it’s just easier to budget a few extra dollars per month on an extended car service warranty than to worry about how to pay repair bills later.

At Flatiron our goal is to help you save money and protect you and your credit from potential threats. With a quality Extended Parts and Labor Agreement you are protected when the unexpected happens.

Be sure to ask your loan specialist for details.

The sooner you start, the sooner you save. And with a Flatiron Finance auto refinance loan, you are already on your way to big savings.