Lease Buy Out Financing


Colorado Lease Buy-Out Financing

When you leased your vehicle, the contract included a number of options for termination at the end of your lease. Normally these include the ability to turn the vehicle in and walk away, buy it to trade it, or buy it and keep it.

Many consumers are not aware that there is often more than one payoff quote available, and that the equity and sales tax consequences of making the right choice can be significant. Thoroughly understanding the financial implications of each is important to making an informed decision.

Our lease termination specialists, based out of our Colorado offices, will be happy to help with your Colorado auto lease buy-out. If buying and financing is the right choice for you, we can handle all of the same tax, title, and finance arrangements as the dealer, often at substantial savings.




Not sure your car dealer is giving you all of the correct information for Colorado lease buy-out auto refinancing? Give us a call at 970.292.3500 or send us an email at We’ll be happy to help you sort things out and help you to figure out your Colorado auto refinance loan. No obligation.

The sooner you start, the sooner you save. And, with a Flatiron Finance auto refinance loan, you will be on your way to big savings.

“My son’s student loan was at 7.9%. My jeep was almost paid for, so I asked for $10,000. I got the loan at 3.9% and paid off the student loan. We also added my son to the jeep loan so he’s building car credit too. I wish I had known about this years ago. Thanks again.”

– Ursula M.

“I don’t normally write, but this was too neat not to make sure Chris got a special thanks. I was considering just turning my truck in and getting a new one even though I wasn’t ready to trade. Turns out I would have given up almost three thousand in equity. Thanks for the heads up and the great rate.”

– Kent S.


From just about anywhere in the State, customers from Denver, Longmont, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Greeley, to Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Loveland and Grand Junction have used Flatiron Finance for Colorado lease buy outs and auto refinancing online in Colorado.