Need cash now?

A Secured Auto or “Title” Loan may be the way to go. And yes—you get to keep right on driving your car.

With a cash back Secured Auto Loan from Flatiron Finance in Colorado (sometimes called a title or equity loan)  you don’t have to own the vehicle outright, and you get to keep right on driving it while you’re making payments.  

The amount of cash you can borrow with your secured auto refinance loan will depend on the amount of equity you have in your vehicle. (Equity is the difference between the value of the vehicle, and the amount of any outstanding loan.)

Example: Vehicle Value = $19,300 minus the current vehicle loan payoff of $12,500 leaves $6,800 in available equity. That’s $6,800 coming right to you to use any way you want.

Paying off higher rate loans, credit cards, or covering the cost of something unexpected like a new furnace or other emergency are common. In a more creative situation, a customer refinanced his higher rate truck loan and used the cash back from equity to completely pay off his high interest rate motorcycle loan. He now has a single loan with a lower rate and payment, and the motorcycle is paid for free and clear, title in his pocket.  A great example of a very good use of an equity loan from Flatiron Finance indeed.

Call Flatiron Finance today and we’ll walk you through getting your cash back secured auto loan today.